"I clay when I can, clean when I have to,
and spend way too much time online"
Kathy Weinberg - Sky's the Limit Polymer Clay and Crafts
Kathy Weinberg - Sky's the Limit Polymer Clay and Crafts
Welcome to my little spot in cyberspace. I discovered Polymer Clay shortly after September 11, 2001. I
wanted to make patriotic pins to share with family and friends. When I couldn't find appropriate ribbon for
my project, I turned to my craft box and found a few blocks of red, white and blue Sculpey III clay. I
fashioned the clay into ribbon strips and made many pins that I gave away.

From those simple beginnings, my hobby snowballed into a small business. My workspace started out as a
rolling automotive tool cart and an empty spot on the kitchen table. My
current workspace is located in my
little used dining and living room. My tools of trade are spread from one end of the room to the other (much
to my husband's dismay). I do two or three small craft shows a year.

My interest in arts and crafts goes back to my childhood. I took many art classes in high school including 4
years of ceramics and pottery, silver jewelry construction, enamel, etching and printmaking along with
painting and drawing. When I returned to school after working and serving in the US Air Force, I took some
college level art classes including color & design and ceramics. I am so very thankful for my high school art
teacher, Beverly Melrose, who encouraged me to explore all aspects of art. If she were around today, she'd
be happy to see me creating again!

Polymer clay is a godsend. It keeps me sane, gives me something to occupy my time and gives me a sense of
accomplishment. I am the education coordinator for the
Metropolitan Detroit Polymer Art Guild and look
forward to monthly meetings and annual retreats. It's such a pleasure to get together with others who
share my passion for Polymer. I'm also a member of the
National Polymer Clay Guild and hope to attend one
of their conferences or retreats in the future.