My Dad loves to create things to help me work more efficiently with my clay tools. I absolutely adore this tool. It may be
big and bulky, but it does a sweet job at extruding clay. Please
contact me if you would like one built for you.
Tired of fiddling with boards or caulking gun adapters to
extrude clay? Are you annoyed with mushy filigree? Are
your hands just not strong enough to make the sugarcraft
gun work? This custom-built clay gun pusher allows you to
extrude clay with just one hand. That leaves your other
hand free to catch the extruded clay! You can even extrude
firm or barely conditioned clay. We routinely extrude
unconditioned clay in product design and testing. It uses a
standard clay gun, so you don't have to purchase special
disks or adapters.

To load your clay gun, turn the crank counter
clockwise to open up the Clay Gun Helper. This
counter clockwise motion will cause the jack to
compress or flatten out, moving the bottom of the
"U" shaped rod farther away from the two "pins
The clay gun is properly positioned for extrusion when the
plunger is against the bottom of the "U" shaped rod and
the wings of the tube are placed behind the "pins" and the
barrel of the clay gun is placed in the "cradle"
Turn the crank clockwise to extrude clay. As you
turn the crank clockwise, the jack will open up, thus
putting pressure on the plunger.

Your clay should be properly conditioned to extrude,
but It is not necessary to warm or soften your clay
with clay softeners.

Use caution and do not try to extrude quickly, as it
is possible to damage the extrusion plates (or disks)
or the clay gun if too much pressure is exerted too
quickly. Although plastic disks can be used with this
tool, you risk damaging these disks if you use
excessive pressure and
speed in extrusion.

Kathy Weinberg - Sky's the Limit Polymer Clay and Crafts
Kathy Weinberg - Sky's the Limit Polymer Clay and Crafts
Clay Gun Helper